Newly Married Couples

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Bed and Breakfasts are the ideal nooks that permit privacy, quaint ambiance and warm and friendly services. Various sorts of decoration in B n B’s are also on the menu, particularly in the favorites in downtown Atlanta. Stonehurst Place Bed and Breakfast on Piedmont Avenue is the best setting amidst thick shrubberies of beautiful blossoms, covering it from the streets.

Moreover, it’s located with the city’s most enviable services on the platter. Stonehurst also has an adequate dose of historical background, and provides the apt cradle for a new connection.

Gaslight Inn B B is has a excellent decor if you’re searching for something simple, and classically bent with some the 1800s. The building has a different architecture which was widespread throughout the Pre-First world war period, and provides a excellent portico area setting the resort amply inside in the bustle. The Inn is situated within the Region home King Center, Carter Presidential Library and King Center.

Shellmont Inn, also situated at a similarly urbanized setting provides some of the most modern designs as part of the ambiance. A wonderful spot to get a suave honeymoon; this is also one of the luxury inns which are preferable to luxury resorts for their pricing. Special packages are a prominent feature in their company for Atlanta’s honeymooners. Even though the room brewed are priced, they offer some of the best assortments you may see in the desserts section across america.

These bundles are priced at $125 and $1750 respectively with in-room breakfast, complimentary fruit platter and evenings in carriage home with a non denominational service for the elopement package.

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